Dental Implants Cost/Financing | Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Are you feeling concerned about the cost of dental implants? Many patients delay dental work because they fear the cost of the procedure–this is a major mistake! At the PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry, we have a few payment options to help you achieve the restored smile you so badly need. Read below to find out more about the financing we offer, and then schedule your free consultation for dental implants.

How much do Dental Implants cost?

The cost of implants can vary depending on the number of implants you are getting and if you require a bone or tissue graft before the surgery. A consultation is required to get an estimate on cost for your specific situation. For patients getting one or more implants, we offer the option of using Care Credit or Springstone. Both financing parties act as a credit card for health services. For many of the plans, there is no down payment required, low interest loans available, and no interest for up to 18 months. Call our office to learn more about Care Credit or Springstone.

Dental Implants and Insurance

We work with many insurance carriers and help you get the maximum benefits possible. If you feel confused about the insurance process, bring your card into our office and we’ll let you know what your insurance covers, and even file your claim for you. Replacement teeth are usually partially covered, so we also recommend our patients use third party financing (Care Credit and Springstone) to help with what insurance does not cover.

Dental Implants Consultations in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

If you are missing one or more teeth and would like a permanent tooth replacement solution, come talk to Dr. Jay Ajmo about dental implants. No other tooth replacement option has the durability and longevity dental implants can offer. To learn more, read some of the happy testimonials provided by real patients of Dr. Ajmo. To find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants, please contact PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry to schedule a consultation with our talented and friendly team. We want to help you afford and attain the smile you so badly need. Gain your smile back with dental implants and feel a sense of normalcy once again!