Benefits of Dental Implants

For patients with one or more missing teeth in Palm Beach Gardens, FL it can be intimidating to look into the variety of dental treatments that are available to you. But at PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry we want to make the case for dental implants. These permanently-placed, artificial teeth hold a myriad of benefits for our patients, from improving your oral health to being one of the most cost-effective treatments available.

Osseointegration: What It Means For You

Dental implants can attribute their success to a fusion process known as osseointegration. Discovered in the 1950s by a Swedish scientist, this process revealed that titanium was actually biocompatible with human bone. When the titanium implant is embedded into the jawbone, where the missing tooth once was, the bone is triggered to regenerate and weave fibers around the implant. It accepts the implant, and creates a firm bond with it.

Thanks to osseointegration, patients need never worry about their implant loosening or falling out. This permanence is appealing to some too, since the strength of the bond also ensures that patients can tackle the foods they love, like crunchy popcorn or tough steak.

Resolving Tooth Loss

When you lose a tooth, it can be alarming for both yourself and for your jawbone. The sudden loss can be difficult for the bone to heal from, and often can’t heal perfectly. As the bite struggles to adjust to the missing tooth (which can also affect your speech as well), this can cause neighboring teeth to shift out of place as well. As more teeth begin to loosen, than the jaw could begin to deplete.

The sooner you apply a tooth replacement treatment for your missing tooth area, the quicker that these side effects can be prevented or even reversed. Dental implants are permanently embedded, and therefore can prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting as the place is filled. As you fill the gap, then your bite and speech pattern is restored as well. The jawbone underneath is strengthened with osseointegration and regenerates. Overall, dental implants can provide a stability and naturalness to your smile.


Some patients may be surprised to learn that the cost of dental implants can be the same or less than the cost of dentures or dental bridges. The cost of your dental implant treatment will vary depending on a number of factors: how many implants you’ll receive, any supplemental procedures, and treatments, etc. We believe every patient should have access to the care and treatments they need without breaking the bank. At PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry, we have a variety of financing options to help alleviate that cost of your dental implant treatment.

We have worked closely with CareCredit and Springstone Financial, two patient financing services that cater to health, beauty, and wellness procedures and treatments. They’re easy to apply for and have plans for any budget. We also accept most dental insurances, and will work with you to uncover what can and cannot be covered under your insurance.

Find Out More About Dental Implants Today

If you’re missing one or more teeth in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, or Stuart, FL than dental implants may be what you’re looking for. Good for your oral health and overall well-being, dental implants have been proven to be one of the strongest and most natural-looking tooth replacement options available. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ajmo, where you can discover if dental implants are the best route for you and your teeth.